John Oliver RIPS robocalls on HBO

Last night, in his weekly HBO show, ” Last Week Tonight“, John Oliver spent about 18 minutes talking about the robocalls scourge that’s plaguing our country right now. What’s worse, he cited recent estimates that the number of robocalls increased by 57% in 2018, to nearly 50 billion calls. (Yes… BILLION.) The FCC says that robocallers are the number one thing that consumers complain to them about, with over 200,000 robocall complaints per year, constituting about 60% of all the complaints they receive from consumers. And unfortunately, it’s expected that this year, as many as half of all cell phone calls will be robocalls!

Here’s the full piece, courtesy of HBO, via the Last Week Tonight YouTube channel:

Among the topics he covers in the video:

  • Debt collectors using robocalls to collect debts, sometimes calling consumers 20 times per day!
  • Spoofing… (making fake phone numbers appear in the caller id)
  • FCC commissioner Ajit Pai, and his reluctance to take action against robocallers.

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