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How much does the kit cost?

The kit is just $47 dollars. Think about it... If you could spend $47 to simply get rid of the robocalls, it'd probably be worth it. But when you consider that you'll spend less than an hour from start to finish on any one of these calls, and can make $500-$1,500 per call, that's a pretty good hourly rate, right?

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Is the kit guaranteed?

The only time this kit has been shown not to work is when it's not used, or not used correctly. Check out THIS PAGE for evidence of how well the kit has worked for others, just like yourself, and be sure to check the dates on the checks and wire transfers you see there. You'll see that we post recent results as proof that the tips, tools, and techniques in the kit can work, if applied, and applied properly. If that's not enough, we offer a 90 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If you use the kit for a full 90 days, send out at least three demand letters as instructed, and don't get at least one settlement offer using it, we'll refund your money, less the credit card processing fees!

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How long will it take for me to get a settlement?

That totally depends on you, the calls that you're getting, and from whom those calls are coming. Some callers are easier to find than others, while some can be far more difficult to deal with. Both of those factors, plus the amount of time and effort you put into it can impact timelines. We've seen checks come within a week, and others, involving a number of calls, have taken a few months.

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What kinds of calls does the kit work on?

Virtually any kind of call (or text) to your cell phone that's initiated by an automated dialing system. The most frequent kinds of calls that we've seen the kit be effective on are robocalls from people trying to sell things like health insurance, auto warranties, home security systems, student loan forgiveness programs, tax relief businesses, and home services, like air duct or carpet cleaning.

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Does the kit work for landlines?

No. While there is some overlap in the federal laws that govern robocalls, the kit is designed specifically to deal with robocalls to your CELL PHONE, and not your landline.

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How much money can I make?

How much you ask for, and thus, how much you'll get in settlements is entirely up to you, but federal law says that the calls can be worth as much as $1500 each! The more calls you're getting, means the more opportunity there is for you to get PAID!

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Is there an affiliate program?

What's better than stopping your own robocalls, and making robocallers pay you? Helping other people do the same, and getting paid for THAT! Visit our AFFILIATE AREA to create your affiliate account, and start making commissions for referring your friends, family, and others to this site to purchase the "Turning Robocalls Into Cash" kit...

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I'm having trouble with my download... What do I do?

Everyone's device is different, and that means that there will occasionally be glitches in downloading the kit upon purchase. If you have any issues with the download, or if the download link you're given at purchase expires, it's likely that the kit was sent to your spam or junk mail folder. Check there first, but if you still don't see it, simply forward your purchase receipt to support@robocalls.cash , and we'll get the kit sent to you right away!

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